First public hospital in Syria to be certified ISO 9001

The hospital was certified ISO 9001 on 27/12/2016

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Based on the belief of the quality team in the hospital in the need to provide health services to all patients in accordance with the highest standards of quality of health care, the quality team has launched the slogan (your hearts are deposit in our necks) committed to achieving patient satisfaction, safety and expectations through continuous improvement of the performance of all sections and divisions of the hospital The tasks of the Division are summarized as follows:

  • Propose policies, objectives and plans for the quality of health services.
  • Supervise the application of quality and reliability programs through the channels of communication between the Division and all departments.
  • Approving policies and procedures in all medical and administrative departments to ensure compliance with the hospital's accreditation program.
  • Develop patient safety programs, monitor medical errors and inform higher management of any incident affecting patient safety in the hospital.
  • Training and dissemination of standards and culture of quality and reliability and concepts of patient safety and satisfaction.
  • Organizing seminars and conferences, disseminating successful experiences in the field of quality, accrediting medical institutions, coordinating participation, and coordinating with the concerned local and international organizations to organize them.
  • Conducting a periodic questionnaire to measure the satisfaction of patients and staff in the hospital and study the results and submit them to senior management.
  • Follow up on issues related to medical ethics and propose corrective actions
  • Conducting studies and researches that improve the quality of health services in the hospital.
  • Proposing rewards and incentives for anyone who accomplishes one of the unit's tasks in addition to his tasks.
  • Cooperating with concerned governmental and non-governmental bodies to provide consultations, technical support, training and qualification of teams in the field of quality health service
  • The Division's policy shall be amended when any of its approved working manuals is amended or a new manual is adopted.
  • Tasks are carried out by the permanent members of the Division, and the tasks are distributed by the head of the division according to the skills of a member. Tasks are established within the structure of the Division and are included as a key point for evaluating its performance
  • The Division establishes committees to improve the performance of its members from the staff working in the hospital.
  • An internal audit team is formed from the staff of the hospital.

Quality Assurance and Accreditation Division Manuals:

1- Arab Accreditation Tool for Health Institutions 2007 / Technical Secretariat.

2- Syrian Directory of Hospitals Classification 2010 / Syrian Ministry of Health.

3- ISO 9001/2015 quality management system specification.

4- Quality Department / Syrian Ministry of Health.




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