First public hospital in Syria to be certified ISO 9001

The hospital was certified ISO 9001 on 27/12/2016

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This department is responsible for developing educational and training programs and supervising the researches and publishing them on the hospital’s website through:

- Supervise making and implementation plans of the continuing medical education program in the hospital.

- Supervise the training of resident doctors in coordination with the heads of departments and divisions.

- Supervising the development and implementation of a training plan and workshops for nursing staff in coordination with the continuing education coordinators at the Nursing Department.

- Supervise making and implementation plans of training courses and workshops for workers in the service sector in the hospital.

Establishing mechanisms for qualifying new employees in the hospital before assuming their duties.

- Encouraging scientific documentation and publishing scientific papers and research in all sections and divisions of the hospital and follow up the provision of all requirements for this.

- Keeping pace with scientific development in the field of information dissemination and ensuring the exchange of information with other health authorities and other hospitals at the level of the country and at the level of the Arab world and international.

Proposing the rewarding of scientifically active employees.

- Develop a plan to provide all the requirements of the process of qualifications, training and scientific research in the hospital.

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