First public hospital in Syria to be certified ISO 9001

The hospital was certified ISO 9001 on 27/12/2016

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Since the opening of the hospital, the Department of Cardiac Surgery has performed most of the regular and emergency cardiac surgeries through a medical team of the finest cardiac surgeons, who have the expertise, scientific and practical skills, with the help of best technical and nursing staff.

This department is divided to the following divisions:

Surgical Operation Division : 

Which contains 3 advanced operating theaters for cardiac surgery, provided with the latest and best medical equipment, and performs 5 - 6 open heart surgery daily, including the following surgeries : 

- Coronary Surgery.

- Valve Surgery.

- Congenital Heart surgery.

- Ascending Aorta Surgery.

- Aortic Arch Surgery.

See statistics of the previous years.


The Surgical Divisions :

It contains the Patients Wards, which has 59 beds and provides medical services, nursing and hotel services for the patients admitted to the hospital before and after surgery. 

Medical staff of Cardiac Surgery Department:
Name Current position and work
Dr. Ragheb Soleman Cardiac Surgeon - General Director
Dr. Ahmad Al Doughleh Cardiac Surgeon - Head of Cardiac Surgery Dept.
Dr. Diab Al Faouri Cardiac Surgeon
Dr. Nael Kanaan Cardiac Surgeon
Dr. Elias Ibrahim Cardiac Surgeon
Dr. Adel Miro Cardiac Surgeon
Dr. Ismaeil Abdullah Cardiac Surgeon
Dr. Najdat Nassif Cardiac Surgeon
Dr. Walid Dayyoub Cardiac Surgeon
Dr. Malek Ali Cardiac Surgeon
Dr. Kusay Shouk Cardiac Surgeon
Dr. Yahya Ibrahim Cardiac Surgeon
Dr. Othman Abdullah Cardiac Surgeon
Dr. Mohammad Al Mohammad Cardiac Surgeon
Dr. Charl Nakula Cardiac Surgeon
Dr. Jirar Kassoumeh Cardiac Surgeon
Dr. Salim Hshemeh Cardiac Surgeon
Dr. Nour Al Enawi Cardiac Surgeon
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