First public hospital in Syria ISO 9001 certified

The hospital was certified ISO 9001 on 2016/12/27

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Al Bassel Heart Institute was opened in Damascus on 13/12/1998 in Dummar Housing Area, a suburb of Damascus, on an area of 25000 m2 and17000 m2 building facility with a capacity of 195 beds and aims to:
- Providing diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical medical care for heart patients.
- Provide training for doctors, students of intermediate institutes and nursing students in the field of cardiology and cardiac surgery.
- Conducting practical research related to cardiology and cardiac surgery.
In October 2014, the designation of Al Bassel Heart Institute was changed to become Martyr Bassel Al Assad Heart Hospital in Damascus.
Since its inception in 1998, Al Bassel Heart Institute has provided all necessary diagnostic and therapeutic services related to heart diseases, including:
Cardiac Catheterization – Coronary Angioplasty and stenting – Cardiac surgery – Emergency service – I.C.U – Outpatient clinic – Laboratory and blood bank – Echocardiography – Electrophysiology ...etc.
Training for resident physicians was also provided for cardiology, cardiac surgery, intensive care, anesthesia and laboratory, as well as for students of intermediate institutes and nursing students, through the establishment of courses and practical training programs and weekly lectures and daily scientific sessions, as well as holding of conferences and seminars, which are all aimed at raising the scientific level, preparation and rehabilitation of medical and technical staff of the hospital. And for this aim, the hospital was provided of an educational amphitheater fully equipped with audio-visual systems and a seating capacity of 215 chairs in addition to an electronic library that includes a number of books, medical references and Internet service.
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